"I bike three or four times a week. The flexibility that I have regained in my right leg, it's just as flexible as my left leg." - Irene Passani, ConforMIS patient
"It was made to fit my knee, not somebody else's knee. Not a guy's knee, not another woman's knee, they didn't pull it out of a box. It was made to fit me, and to me that made more sense." Sue Birtles, ConforMIS patient
"We want patients to ultimately forget that they have a joint replacement. The way we are able to do that is by creating a stable knee that feels like their native knee. This technology is probably the biggest thing we've seen so far that allows us to do that."
"Patients see me two weeks, four weeks after the surgery and they often like they had the surgery six weeks, ten weeks ago because their motion is better and they're recovering more quickly."
iFit converts a CT scan of your knee to a 3D model, and we use that model to design your implant and all of the surgical instrumentation that is unique to you.
"I'm able to do things that I'd stopped being able to do. Simply walking with my wife with the dogs, now I can pretty much walk as long as they walk and that's made a big, big difference in my life." - John Lynch, DVM, ConforMIS patient
"I can see a dramatic difference between the progress of the traditional knee patients and the ConforMIS knee patients." - Ruth Lynch, physical therapist

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